Goomburrup Aboriginal Corporation

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Kaditj Kaditj offers Aboriginal community members, who are eligible to obtain their Learner's Permit, the option of doing the theory test at our Goomburrup office located in Little St Bunbury.

The Process

1. Come in and fill out a consent form so we can access information on your eligibility to sit the Learner's permit test. Everyone has to fill one of these out to ensure there is no outstanding fines or suspensions. (even if you have never had a licence before).

2. Form is scanned and emailed to Department of transport. Receiving a reply can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. (please ensure your correct contact phone number is provided to allow us to contact you once results have been received).

3. Once you are given the all clear from Department of Transport an appointment time will be made for you to come in and do the test

4. After completing the test you will receive a certificate from Goomburrup for you to take to the Department of Transport to pay for your Learner's permit.


Goomburrup does not handle any payments to do with licencing. Payment must be made at the Department of Transport licencing centre in Wellington St Bunbury. The certificate issued by Goomburrup is not a licence.  You must ensure you pay all your fees at the licencing centre before driving.